Mata Saraswati Institute Of Nursing Education


B.Sc Nursing Basic (4yrs) 10+2 with Medical
B.Sc Nursing Post Basic (2yrs) G.N.M Qualified
G.N.M General Nursing & Midwifery (3 yrs) 10+2 in any stream
A.N.M Multipurpose Health worker (F) (2 yrs) 10+2 in any stream

Purpose Of Training:

To prepare Nurses to practice comprehensive nursing care in a hospital as well as in the community by means for a planed education programme. To provide a base for advanced study and specialization in nursing which will assist Nurses in their personal and professional development so that they denote maximum contribution to the society by providing quality care.

General Objectives Of The Course

To enable students:

To acquire knowledge and understanding of the Basic Principles of Nursing.

To develop skills in nursing techniquies in order to practice comprehensive Nursing Care.

To develop ability to take up responsibility in every field of life.

To learn to co-operate with the fellow students and other, thereby developing a good interpersonal relationship.

To acquire knowledge and understanding of work in the hospital and in the organization.

To develop ability to give health education in the hospital as well as in the community.

Pre Requisties For Nursing

The work of the nurse is demanding and she carries responsibility for welfare of patients entrusted to her care. The essential qualities are concern for welfare of others, dedication to the service of patients, high standard of character, honesty, reliability, accountability and compassion. She also should possess ability and eagerness to continue earnest study in the theoretical as well as practical side of nursing. The institution has motivational environment which helps in calculating all the qualities in the nursing student.